Feb. 28

This Friday March 7 we're celebrating our album release at Logan's Pub with Moths & Locusts, Island Monster, and Bruce Butcher!  It should be a great night, but if it sucks, we promise it will suck in EPIC fashion.  Check out the event page here.

Thanks to Jason Lamb for playing us on The Punk Show on The Zone at 91.3 this week!   The show features a tribute to Devo's late, great Bob Casale.  We're right about the 30 minute mark, so be sure to skip that part.

We're excited to announce that the video for "(She Said) I'm Gonna Kill You" has gone VIRAL, with over TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY VIEWS as of this writing.  Yes, you read that right, TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY (it's one of those ULTRA slow, creeping-type viruses.  But deadly all the same).

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