KIng of Monsters

Logan's Pub, 1821 Cook St, Victoria BC

Featuring four bands' interpretations of punk rock.

Tower of Dudes 9-9:45 Pill Squad 10-10:45 The Poubelles 11-11:45 Crashing Into Things 12-12:45

PILL SQUAD Scene veterans from Vancouver playing 1979 flavoured punk rock. Not hardcore. Think garage rock, post-punk, and power pop. Singer Tracy Brooks and drummer Scott Beadle played together in Vancouver band The Hip Type in the mid-to-late 1980s. Guitarist Tim Chan grew up in Victoria and was in cult faves 64 Funnycars; he fronts his own band China Syndrome as well.

CRASHING INTO THINGS Art rock for the working class. "You guys reminded me of Talking Heads AND Iron Maiden" -dude in Powell River

THE POUBELLES Their original Pop-Rock (heavy on the 'rock') draws on influences from the 80s New Wave and the 90s Alternative Sound but with a twist all their own. Amber drums and sings songs of heartbreak and hopefulness, while Steve and Kent (guitars and bass) provide a catchy and riffy sonic bed.

TOWER OF DUDES Are about to release a new album and they have abandoned their folk-rock ways. The Tower of Dudes are a rock band... like Motorhead but even more rock and roll. Tower of Dudes are going to blow a new hole in the universe.