PR Punk Jams Crashing Into Things Little Pharmer Gargoyle City

Gorge Hall, Robertson Rd., Whaletown, Cortes Island BC

Small Town Revolution presents...

A night of punk rock, post-punk and alternative rock in Whaletown on Cortes Island, featuring the following musical acts:

Powell River Punk Jams punk improv noise chaos performance art Powell River Punk Jams are an enigma wrapped in a mystery. With Punk Jams, you never know who or what you are going to get, but that’s more than half of the fun.

Crashing Into Things Working class art rock. "You guys reminded me of Talking Heads AND Iron Maiden"- dude in Powell River

Little pharmer The Pharmer brings his mind-bending performance to Cortes. Do not miss this international farm-punk treasure.

And the local talents of...

Gargoyle City Low-fi alternative rock from Cortes!

$10 at the door or grab your tickets in advance here:

Respect the hall and its patrons and let's all have a great time! Up the punx!