Crashing Into Things got started when old friends Mike Isacson (bass, vocals) and Adrian Southward (guitar, drums, electronics) ran into each other at a Battles show in 2011. They quickly went to work making music in an old shack in the woods on Pender Island dubbed "The Chicken Chapel."  High Arctic's Kalev Mihkel Kaup joined on guitar in early 2013.  Their first album, "Crashing Into Things," was released in February 2014 on their own Querc Records label.  Videos were produced for "(She Said) I'm Gonna Kill You" and "Pinball Man." 

In late 2013 David Houghton, a veteran of London England's punk and post-punk scene, joined on drums.  They recorded the follow-up album "To Consume, and To Be Consumed" with the Godfather of Victoria punk, Scott Henderson, releasing it on Querc in December 2015. The title track features a duet between Isacson and his partner Tara Landry (Elevator To Hell). The album charted on university radio across Canada, and was listed at #17 on Baffled Octopi's top Canadian albums of 2016. Videos were released for the songs "I Saw It Coming," "Rogue Element," "Highly Polished People" and "Captains of Industry." 

In October 2016 the band released the single "Zombies!" with an accompanying video.

Josh Harrison joined on guitar in April 2017.  In February 2018 the band released "Cosmic Joke" as a single and video.  In August 2018 the band played 4 shows with Canadian punk legends DOA. 

The new Crashing Into Things EP "Smaller Than Death" will be released in February 2019. 

You can read an interview with Mike and Mihkel in Ride The Tempo here.
Our biggest fan, enjoying us at the Queens Pub in Nanaimo.  Photo by Tara Landry

Our biggest fan, enjoying us at the Queens Pub in Nanaimo. Photo by Tara Landry